Intelligent Horror Best Left Unopened

Episode 2: The Question

Posted on August 9, 2014

After Jeremy and Nick have downed a few beers, the conversation steers toward the ludicrous:  a mysterious trunk with magical powers.  Yeah, right!  Surely Jeremy is playing a prank and Nick isn’t believing any of it.  So, they decide to put it to the test with a very simple question that holds repercussions for them both.

Writer/Director/Editor:  Cliff Springs
Running Time:  3:40



Jeremy:  David Holland
Nick:  Luke Borgnis
Karen:  Heather Burnett


Cliff Springs

Production Designer
Will Bryan

Asst. Director
John Stanley Collins

Lighting Director
Landry Layson

Casting / Continuity
Laurie Nicholson

Director of Photography
Cliff Springs

Title Animation
Eric Sneider

Camera Assist
Shae Winston

Leah Greene

Shae Winston
Eric Sneider
Grant Prater

Special Thanks to
Joan Marshall
Michele Kreuz

Copyright 2014 Emergent Films

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