Intelligent Horror Best Left Unopened

Episode 3: Two Seconds

Posted on April 22, 2019

Gambling. Embezzlement. Fraud. A string of bad decisions have brought Bill to the breaking point–standing alone deep within a remote forest, ready to end it all. But the single gunshot that rings out is not his own.

He is not alone.

As the only witness to a grisly murder, does Bill follow through with ending his life? Or risk having to pay for his own crimes to report what he’s seen?

What happens next is a back-and-forth psychological battle to determine who will make it out alive. Could a mysterious, old steamer trunk hold the key to their fates?

Featuring Emmy winner Bill Oberst, Jr.


Writer/Director/Editor:  Cliff Springs
Running Time:  42:54



Killer:  Bill Oberst, Jr.
Bill:  Rob Sprankle
Victim:  Tony Aul


Cliff Springs

Asst. Director / Sound
John Stanley Collins

Production Manager / Casting
Laurie Nicholson

Director of Photography
Cliff Springs

Post Visual Effects / Title Animation
Eric Sneider

Camera Assist / 2nd Camera
Shae Winston

Amy Brower

Seth Aiken
Eric Sneider

Special Thanks to
Tony Stevens
Lisa Heisler

Copyright 2019 Emergent Films

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