Intelligent Horror Best Left Unopened

Episode 1: Flushed

Posted on October 31, 2013

Sam and Marta are in love. Unfortunately, Marta is unhappily married to a very powerful man in town. Marta’s plan to murder him and run away with Sam is precarious at best. But Sam has another plan. And it all depends on the trunk.  This taut, claustrophobic thriller takes place in a single motel room — the kind of place nobody wants to visit, and in true Hitchcockian style, lays the foundation for The Trunk – revealing just one of the many powers the mysterious trunk possesses.

Writer/Director/Editor:  Cliff Springs
Running Time:  11:44



Sam Carter:  Jason Stokes
Marta Esposito:  Amy Brower
Cop1:  Bill Kealey
Cop 2:  Max Highsmith


Cliff Springs

Executive Producer
John Gandolfo

Production Designer
Will Bryan

Asst. Director
John Stanley Collins

Lighting Director
Landry Layson

Line Producer
Laurie Nicholson

Director of Photography
Cliff Springs

Visual Effects
Eric Sneider

Documentary Producer
Shae Winston

Set Construction
Charles Inglett

Set Painter / Prop Artist
Gregory Wait

Makeup / Wardrobe
Arpina Markarian

Key Grip
Darrell Payton

Catering / Craft Services
Lisa Heisler

Unit Publicist
Les Carroll

Production Assistants:
Samantha Edwards
Emmy Persall
Justin Ainsworth
Kevin Harris
Erin Burke
Evan Wu
Imari Anderson
Tyler Oswalt

Special Thanks to:  ACD Flooring Associates

Copyright 2013 Emergent Films

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