Ep1 picThe Trunk is the debut web series from Emergent Films.  ”It’s Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Lost, and The X-Files all rolled into one,” says series creator, Cliff Springs.  ”We’re calling it ‘intelligent horror’ because we’re not going for the cheap scares.  We want the episodes to be smart… and they will be.”

“Each story is unique, but they all share a common thread that will unfold a larger story arc over time.  I’m really excited about the format we’ve created.  It gives us the flexibility to tell most any story we want to.  And because it’s on the web, each story can be any length we desire.  We’ll have some stories as short as 2 minutes and others that may be 30-40 minutes.”

The common thread is the trunk itself.  ”The trunk represents the collection of stories all thrown together into this old trunk, but it also is a character that plays a role in every single story.  There may be some episodes where the trunk is nothing more than a prop that makes a cameo–like Alfred Hitchcock used to do–while it will play a much more direct role in other episodes–like it does in the debut episode.  Yet other story lines will deal with the mythology of the trunk itself.  Where the heck did this thing come from?  How long has it been around?  Why does it do the things it does?  Those answers will unfold over time.”

For now, episodes will roll out in spurts–1 or 2 at a time, semi-monthly.  The future also holds some opportunities for fans and future filmmakers to get involved.

“Since this is part of our Emergent Films initiative,” says Springs, “we’re going to open up opportunities for crowd funding of special episodes, crowd-sourced concepts, and even an occasional opportunity for a fan script to be produced.  We’ve got to iron out the system for how all that will take place, but we think that will definitely be an attraction for viewers.”

Stay tuned.

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