Lock picIt possesses neither heart nor malice.  It is both ally and enemy.  It is your escape.  It is your prison.  It stirs your fears and holds your secrets.

Origin:  unknown.

Its well-worn character testifies to its antiquity, and those years testify that it most certainly possesses the secrets of many who once possessed it.  Not all who possess it know of its effects, but they are affected nevertheless. There are those who know of its unique powers and are wise enough to pass it along untested.  And there are yet others, desperate with secrets they desire to hide and desperate for the phantom respite the trunk provides.

Murder.  Adultery.  Insecurity.  Desire. Bury your darkest secret deep within this unassuming chest, but beware. Its powers have caveats and contradictions, benefits and burdens. It is randomly deliberate, declaring that it will not be controlled. For every secret hidden within, there are tests and trials, tempting those who can least afford it to do the inadvisable:  open the trunk.

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